Mar 9 2013

The newest clip.

Here’s a sample of the next chapter.  We’ll keep putting up new clips as we move along.  Keep in touch everyone, our first contest will be soon.

“The Fatemarked come from all walks of life, from all over the Continuum, so practically any type of concept could be fit into a game. For instance, a department store sales clerk may not seem like an immediately interesting character concept, but Bruce Campbell made it look darn good in Evil Dead. This is an important distinction from many other game genres, where characters are supposed to be extraordinary in some way, Continuum Wars characters are marked by Fate, and can be perfectly normal, in fact, it’s encouraged. “

Jan 10 2013

What’s In This Book?

This book contains all the information you will need to begin playing your Continuum Wars campaign. The next section after this introduction contains all the information you will need to create your character in The Continuum Wars, including Statistics, Skills, and Feats. If some of these terms are unfamiliar, don’t worry, they’ll be explained as we go along. The second section explains how to play the nine most common Advanced Classes in the game. Each Advanced Class offers players access to abilities that far outstrip most average characters. Each has its own set of special mechanics, its own feel, and its own individual Lore. The next section deals with the actual mechanics of the game, specifically, how to accomplish tasks, use skills, and how Fate is represented in-game. The fourth section explains how to resolve combat in The Continuum Wars, including how to keep track of time and actions on a fierce battlefield, how Hit Points work, and when a character or adversary is rendered disabled or dead. It also includes a healthy, but not exclusive, selection of advanced combat tactics, and how they are resolved. The last section in the player’s guide explains how characters progress and advance in the Continuum Wars.

Stay tuned because later this week we open up our first contest.  Have fun, stay safe, and always keep gaming.

Jan 1 2013

We hope that you are all having wonderful holidays.

It’s been a while since we posted anything, but we’re hoping that you are all having wonderful holidays and heading towards a great new year. We have some cool new things heading your way soon.  We have a competition coming up in the next week or two, new details to reveal and some fun things that everyone can get in on.  Make sure the check back or subscribe to keep up with it all, and don’t forget to make some more memories while your out there.

Dec 19 2012

It’s been a while, but we’re still here!

We just thought we’d drop a line in here to let everyone know that we are still working hard on the book.  We ran into a few snags along the way that slowed us down for a bit but now we’re working around them and back on track.  Keep checking in for some new updates as we go along, there will be more coming soon!

May 18 2012

It’s official…we have a logo.

Well here we are again. And this time we’ve brought a new friend. We have an official logo now.

We’re all just as excited about that as can be! You know what this means. It means that we’ll have t-shirts up in the shop any day now. So feel free to buy one. Support our cause. All proceeds from sale of the shirt go towards publishing costs for the book.

May 17 2012

Welcome to the Continuum

Well, finally it’s finally here.  Our first blog.  This is one of the many places that we’re going to keep you posted on what’s going on in our productions.  All of the details that you don’t get just by following the Facebook account will be here.  We’ll be holding contests, posting publishing dates, and progress reports. All to keep you informed on what’s going on and what we’re doing.  Leave comments as you like, and believe us we’ll read them.  Keep up with us by subscribing and then you’ll always know what we’re doing right when we do it.  It’s kinda creepy that way, but creepy in a good way.

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